Fish the protected flats at the edge of the ocean, which offer hard sand, turtle grass and challenging bonefish.

One can fish off the beach or take a small boat out to Duck Cay or Point of Spit, where some of our returning bonefish anglers spend every day from dawn to dusk... or fish the back country with a world-class bonefish guide.

While fishing for bones, due to a deeper channel that runs through the area, some anglers have taken a ride with a small tarpon or barracuda and others have been known to hook an occasional permit.

If you would like a guide, we will arrange a guided bonefishing trip for you.  Let us know when you want to fish with the best, and we will take care of the rest!


Bahamas Bonefishing can be enjoyed year-around. While certain weather and seasonal changes may influence the outcome of any fishing day (wind, tides, water temperatures etc.) so do skill levels - and those of patience! - of the fishing visitors. Professional fishing-travel organizers seem to prefer to send bonefishing clients to our Islands over the so-called Winter months, when in fact daily variations of wind and water conditions render just about a n y day a good bonefishing day, as long as the individual weather is 'OK'. Average number of bonefish schools sighted per day: Fifteen to thirty; average numbers of 'bones' per school: Forty to four hundred. Average fish caught per day: Three to forty five, their individual weights typically ranging from two to thirteen pounds.


Most travelers not bound by their children's vacation schedule wish to get away from their dreary winter working days during January and February, when weather conditions are beautiful and easy to take here: Clear, crisp and sunny days, mildly warm, evenings further cooling off pleasantly. These lower temperatures keep bigger 'bones' closer to shore, in shallower depths …providing optimum spotting/catching potential! There is little rain, and for the most time mosquitoes are dormant.

In March, April and May we have our best-liked "Bahamian Spring" weather, when everything is "just perfect" …the ocean's waters feeling like champagne, the air caressing you into wishing to stay forever. Now, lots of fish share the flats …big Bones joining schools of smaller ones. This is peak bonefishing time. But equally enjoyable on land, at our beaches, at our snorkeling and SCUBA reefs!

Then come June, July and August … when we experience our summer days. Actually, they are rarely scorching hot …many days just ending up in the high eighties. But nineties can be experienced, of course, usually made pleasant by the ever-present windward breezes coming in from the nearby Atlantic. Colors out at the flats are stunning! Fishing is easy with generally no real winds to speak of …numbers of fish and schools being so ample! And then there are the Permit, never to forget!

Water Activities

In the water, on the water, at the water's edge...

Casuarina Point boasts a spectacular protected beach that allows one to wander for miles, most often never crossing paths with another person.  One can relax in a hammock or sunbathe on this quiet, white sand, "unpeopled" beach.

Hard sand and turtle grass make up the shallows, and offer an excellent challenge for the experienced bonefisherman.

The base also offers great low-tide sandbars for shelling and clam-digging.

Experiencing the vibrant colors of the reef and tropical fish is a must for snorkelers.

If preferred, a guide is available for bottom fishing, offshore fishing, conching, or snorkeling.



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